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Solar Sea Salt

Solar Sea Salt

A Network of Antioxidants for Optimal Cell Protection
Solar Sea Salt
Sun Dried
Pure Sea Minerals

Natural Solar Sea Salt is dried in the sun and has no additives. A simple taste test will immediately demonstrate the difference between our natural sun dried sea salt and ordinary oven processed table salt. The ordinary table salt has a sharp chemical after-taste by comparison.

Natural Solar Sea Salt is necessary for a healthy body. Every cell of the body requires salt (sodium chloride) to function properly. The body needs salt to produce hydrochloric acid, which is required for normal digestion. Dietary calcium, for example, is first acted upon by the acid in the stomach. A salt restricted diet leads to weakness and sickness. Salt helps to keep nerves and muscles functioning properly. Deficiencies of sodium can impair carbohydrate digestion. Our Solar Sea Salt is the best form of sodium and has the tendency to dissolve calcium deposits throughout the body. Sodium aids in keeping calcium and other minerals in the blood soluble. Solar Sea Salt allows 100% dissolution.

Commercial processing of salt, which involves chemicals and heat, alters its natural composition, destroying its many life-supporting trace minerals and chlorides. Solar Sea Salt is better for you because it is naturally cured in the sun and is free of chemicals and preservatives. Ordinary table salt must have iodine added to prevent goiter in areas lacking natural iodine. Our Solar Sea Salt provides iodine naturally.



Nerve & Muscle Function

Carbohydrate Digestion

Dissolve Calcium Deposits

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