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Dr. Ricketts AZ 2-12 quality prebiotic + probiotic blend click image for more info
A prebiotic and probiotic blend

Healthy populations of intestinal flora (probiotics) are essential for good immune function. AZ2-12 is a balanced blend of greens 30 billion probiotic cultures and digestive enzymes. The word "probiotic" means "for life".

60 Capsules

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Dr. Ricketts CJB Plus joint support click image for more info
The ultimate Blend of nutrients for skin, joint and bone. Promotes change from the inside out while re-building your skin's elasticity. Scientifically formulated, this supplement will assist the health of the sub-dermal layer of the skin. Dr. Ricketts' CJB Plus incorporates the wisdom of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge along with a patented and clinically proven collagen, plus a full spectrum of nutritional co-factors for a synergistic approach to building, maintaining and supporting collagen by the body. Advanced support for collagen, joint and bone health! COLLAGEN is the basic protein material produced by connective tissue cells that builds and restores ligaments, tendons, cartilage and constitutes 90% of bone. With its multitude of uses, collagen assists in the protection against osteoporosis and is also required for elasticity of skin, blood vessels and the cornea of eyes. 120 capsules.


3 Dr Ricketts CJB click image for more info
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AZ2-12 ultra Maca