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Essentiel Botanicals Shampoo

Essentiel Botanicals Shampoo

Featuring our exclusive and proprietary Morgan-Ferm, this moisturizing and energizing shampoo is capable of breaking up hardened layers of sebum build-up. Sebum build-up clogs and deteriorates the root of the hair follicle and chokes off oxygen and kills the root. Our Essentiel Botanicals Shampoo penetrates deeply into the follicles and loosens the sebum build-up that can cause dandruff, dull, lifeless hair and the appearance of hair loss. The Morgan-Ferm process can then help regulate the flow of sebum, allowing the hair follicle to breathe, regenerate itself and grow. Derived from natural, organic compounds from the earth and sea including Sea Kelp, Aloe Vera and Avocado, it cleans and protects the scalp while conditioning the hair. Leaves your hair vibrant and shining while promoting healthly hair growth. Great for colored and permed hair, too! 8.2 fl. oz.