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$ 36.95

Dr. Ricketts CJB Plus joint support

Dr. Ricketts CJB Plus joint support
Advanced Nutritional Support for Collagen Based Tissue
Dr. Ricketts' CJB
  • Maintain health of skin, cartilage, bones, blood vessels and all connective tissue

  • Improve blood supply to the joints

  • Management of inflammation and mobility

  • Healing and repair of damaged joints

  • Prevent joint breakdown

  • Support health of synovial membranes which encapsulate joints

  • Protect against free radical damage

  • Assist in the body's acid-alkaline balance

  • Supply nutrients for well-being of the whole body

COLLAGEN is the basic protein material produced by connective tissue cells that builds and restores ligaments, tendons, cartilage and constitutes 90% of bone. With its multitude of uses, collagen assists in the protection against osteoporosis and is also required for elasticty of skin, blood vessels and the cornea of eyes. Dr. Ricketts' CJB Plus provides a patented and clinically proven collagen, plus a full-spectrum of nutritional co-factors for a synergistic approach to building, maintaining and supporting

Teeth, jaw and neck bones are all related.

Displaced vertebrae can cause subtle changes in the entire head and neck mechanism

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