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BioBlast Natural drain line cleaner

BioBlast Natural drain line cleaner

Maintains the cleaning for six months. THE TECHNOLOGY BEHIND BIOBLAST Bioblast products contains highly concentrated microbes, enzymes, and enhancement agents. Microbes - as with all living things - produce enzymes. Morganics adds extra enzymes and enhancement agents to help speed up the desired reaction time. We create a correct environment for optimum performance and the products assist in controlling bad odors. The microbes stay within a system and continue to reproduce and digest the organic waste that is found there. Bioblast organic waste digestant is extremely effective in drainline buildup, garbage disposals, septic tanks, leach fields and cesspools. The waste and toxins are digested by the microbes and recycled as organic matter back into the water (H2O), air (CO2) (carbon dioxide), and more microbes or natural humus (protein or fertilizer). Certain strains of our microbes in our "super cultured" Bioblast blends contain as many as 10 billion micro-organisms per gram. Bioblast is a proven blend that digests grease, fat, selects toxins, starch, fiber (toilet paper, tampons), and proteins, which are what create over 90% of all drainage problems. Along with our microbial plumbing program, we utilize what we call our activator and enhancer. This organic and biodegradable activator and enhancer is used in conjunction with the Bioblast microbes. Its proprietary formula neutralizes damaging chemicals and chlorinated bleaches that would prevent microbial activity. With each application or inoculation more of these microbes are added to digest the organic waste in a drainline or system. The activator and enhancer, along with enzymes, supercharge the breakdown of drainline effluent and provide extra odor-killing capabilities. Our carefully selected, USDA-authorized microbes are grown in powerful concentrations, using the same natural microbes that would digest our waste if time were allowed, resulting in a highly efficient system. This maintenance approach, along with the use of the Morganics cleaning and personal care products, keeps the total system free of clogging and repairs and help restore balance back into our environment.